Solving energy for Europe’s 100k largest consumers via AI autopilot

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Pitch Deck

Tobias Brü

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Investment Highlights

🚀 Product: Reinventing energy buying with the B2B SaaS AI energy autopilot

🔥 Why now: The energy crisis has shaken the market - but volatility is here to stay. Energy transition requires massive flexibility and creates high uncertainty.

🌱 Impact: Paving the way for Europe’s 100k largest consumers’ green transition through better access to green power purchase agreements (PPAs), demand flexibility and investments into own generation/storage.

📈 Traction: 5 customers with ARR potential ~500k EUR from different industries (industrial bakery, mechanical engineering, wood processing, dairy, food processing).

👨 Founding team of serial entrepreneurs with proven track record

👼 Angels/Advisors: Strong network of leading energy, industry, tech leaders

Fundraising Timeline/ Investors Ask

“We are raising €2.5M.

About Founders

Tobi: Serial entrepreneur, sold previous venture, former EM at McKinsey, former C-Level at HelloFresh International, former GM getir Germany

Ilan: 15 years in energy space, Fraunhofer, Berkeley, built B2B electricity and gas marketplace for EWE, energy, podcast host

Alex: Lead tech organization at Daimler, experienced B2B SaaS leader with strong machine learning domain expertise (Imperial)

About Company builds the energy buying AI autopilot for the 100k biggest energy consumers in Europe. Customers can save 10% of energy costs through:

Building on this, onu unlocks significant emissions reductions and cost savings by turning customers into flexible prosumers

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