Composo is the testing & analytics platform for GenAI applications

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Pitch Deck

Composo pitch

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Investment Highlights

🖥️ Product: Composo provides testing & analytics for GenAI applications. It is first in class, highly differentiated & has significant long term defensibility.

🏢 Market: Market has a $15bn TAM, with a huge amount of growth & momentum (>80% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted).

📈 Traction: In 2 months since launch, our enterprise MVP is being iterated closely with design partners including some of the largest global enterprises. We also launched a public beta which had 150 users in its 1st month

👨 Founders: Seb (CEO) & Luke (CTO) studied together at Oxford University and have deep experience building & implementing AI products in the largest companies in the world, with experience from McKinsey & Company, Quantum Black & Graphcore.

💪 Unfair advantage: Team has deep experience not just in building AI product, but in implementing them at the largest organisations. We have huge global networks across large enterprises.

Fundraising Timeline/ Investors Ask

“We are raising $2M to hire top talent & achieve $1.5M ARR by end of 2024. We already have 20% committed.”

About Founder

Sebastian (CEO) studied medicine at Oxford University. He spent 4 years working on AI in Life sciences, first as an Engagement manager at McKinsey & Company and then as a product manager at Quantum Black.

Luke (CTO) has been a machine learning engineer for 5 years, most recently at Graphcore - the UK ML supercomputer unicorn.

Armin (Founding Engineer) has background in CS at ETH Zurich & founded an AI consulting firm at the age of 18.

About Company

Whilst Generative AI has huge potential, for it to actually impact the world, organisations need to be able to effectively harness its power.

There is currently a huge barrier to them doing this, which is the inability to achieve reliable, high-performing outputs they can trust.

Composo is solving this by building the testing & analytics platform for teams to conduct powerful, automated testing of GenAI applications.

<aside> <img src="/icons/video-camera_orange.svg" alt="/icons/video-camera_orange.svg" width="40px" /> Sounds interesting? Book a call with the founder via calendly here.