Building accurate models of disease to develop new drug modalities - starting with cancer.

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Pitch Deck

MOMO Biotech EWOR Grand Pitch.pdf


Investment Highlights

Product: We have recreated a biologically alive tumour resistant to advanced treatments such as immunotherapies. We're using that to discover new drug modalities.

Market: £70B lung and pancreatic cancer in the US alone.

Traction: Since starting 5 months ago, MOMO Biotech has secured 6 LOIs from clinical researchers, generated positive PoC data on product, and in the process of working with 2 biobanks - allowing them to work with patient samples by end of March.

Founders: Elijah and Minerva have been working together for the past 6 years. They are experienced bioengineers with strong commercial drive that have created complex biological systems such as heart, bone marrow, and kidney models.

Unfair advantage: Full stack developers in Biology guided by a world renowned advisory board (scientific, clinical, and commercial). The founders have been working in multidisciplinary teams that have trained them to rapidly recreate biology in the lab and generate actionable insights.

Fundraising Timeline/ Investors Ask

“We are currently raising GBP 750k to 1M (ASA)

About Founder

Elijah is a molecular biologist with a PhD in Medical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London and an MRes in Bioengineering from Imperial College London. He has over 9 years of research experience developing biomaterials for stem cells differentiated into heart cells, and breast and pancreatic cancer. During his undergrad degree in the Philippines, he co-founded a bike sharing startup. They secured a £200k grant and Elijah was in charge of business development and user acquisition.

Minerva has a PhD in Biotechnology from Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa with over 15 years of research experience creating complex biological systems. She has over 13+ peer reviewed articles, all Q1 journals, including Biomaterials and Nature Cell Biology. Straight out of her PhD, she developed a commercial kidney model that is used by CYTOO, a Grenoble-based contract research organization.

About Company

Only 12% of patients respond to immunotherapies, the most advanced therapeutic against cancer. Drug development against cancer is broken where they largely overlook the tumour shield that cloaks the tumour from the immune system.

MOMO Biotech is a team of bioengineers building the most accurate tumour model that is resistant to current treatments. We're using this as a testing platform for techbio companies to validate their targets and discover new drug modalities that we can take into the clinic.

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