The engine behind new hiring for head of recruiting at companies and agencies.

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Pitch Deck


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Investment Highlights

📱 Product: get-ikigai is a SaaS AI-powered recruiting engine. It breaks down the recruiting context of large companies directly at the touchpoints with talents and hiring-managers. This enables faster and better decision-making through the collection of new data.

💵 Market: 700M with ICP in Germany; 11Bn Tech in Recruiting - 15% CAGR

🚀 Traction/Differentiation: 10K MRR signed within 2 months of launch; In closing with Carl Zeiss, 15 more customers, some Fortune 500, in the immediate pipeline

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Team: worked together for years, complementary strengths of founders designed, coded and sold the first pilot ready product themselves

Fundraising Timeline/ Investors Ask

“We are raising a 400k pre-seed round on convertibles.

About Founders

Sebastian: elite-master finance, built Munich’s AI Incubator, led venture and recruiting teams

Ramona: UX expert, top-10 women in tech 2023, founded format+ and headed design teams

Luca: EWOR Fellow, MIT alumni, 9 years AI experience, built up and scaled - now chairman

About Company

get-ikigai is building the AI recruiting engine for large companies.

They developed algorithms to process and understand the complex context around recruiting decisions and break it down at touch-points with talents and hiring managers to gather new quality data in an automated way.

This allows heads of recruiting to make more informed decisions and empowers faster decisions directly at the touch-points without the need for long recruiting processes.

get-ikigai is already collecting data from 15% of all of Munich City’s hiring managers to help them with bad hires, while Zeiss found get-ikigai to be the only solution to handle their complexity.

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