Enterprise grade digital products using GenAI.

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Pitch Deck


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Investment Highlights

📱 Product: An alpha product being tested by Deloitte, Amazon and others

🚀 Traction: 40 companies signed up to our alpha plan

Fundraising Timeline/ Investors Ask

“We are currently raising a $3m seed round ($700k already committed)

About Founder

Luke is a highly technical CEO/CTO with a track record of building startups, digital products and consulting teams for over 25 years. He built the Origin AI POC.

Prior to starting Origin, he was an Associate Partner and founding leadership team member of Bain & Company's startup and innovation team, helping clients create value through lean startup, human centered design and agile development.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD, one of the world's leading business schools, and a degree in software engineering from Oxford Brookes.

Before Bain, he founded and led laZook, an B2B online distribution platform that enabled brands and distributors to sell products across the web without logistics, pricing, or customer support hassles. laZook was backed by top VC investors and sold to an industry player in 2017.

This was built on his prior experience on both the technical and stragegy sides of companies like eBay, EMI Music, and several growing startups and marketing agencies.

About Company

The impact of corporate business teams is held up because they can't build the digital tools they need. Origin takes the brakes off - using GenAI to enable business users to build complex enterprise tools without developer or product team input.

Persisting data using databases (just now):


Early website creation (4 months ago):


Current prompt used to test Origin:

Current Origin Test Cases | Notion

Real business use case: Vacation request tool (1 month ago):


Building an interactive game of Snake (2 months ago):


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