A service for women’s metabolic health with an initial focus on PCOS, a syndrome that impacts 1 in 10 women in the US.

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Pitch Deck

Aspect — Pitchdeck

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Investment Highlights

🦄 Team:

CEO - a BSc in Molecular Biology who previously co-authored and sold a technology of express health diagnostics;

CPO/CTO - ex-Noom and ex-Nike+ Head of Product.

😱 Traction:

📈 Market:

Based on bottom-up calculations, our beachhead market of PCOS in the US is $2.4B, and after further expansion to perimenopause and menopause the total market opportunity will reach $8.3B

Fundraising Timeline/ Investors Ask

“We are planning a pre-seed of $1M on a valuation of $5M pre-money. We're pretty flexible with the check sizes and are optimizing toward the quality of investors.

We already have $100K committed and aim to close the round by the end of March at the latest.”

About Founders

Aspect Health was founded by Elad and Gleb.

  1. Gleb's journey into the world of health and wellness began at an early age. At 10, he was diagnosed with an excess of female hormones, leading to a prognosis of potential infertility, which profoundly affected him. This challenge propelled Gleb to leave school and enter medical university at just 15, determined to find solutions on his own.

By the age of 17, Gleb had co-authored and sold a technology utilizing Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for remote analysis of nutritional imbalances in the human body, identifying deficiencies in elements like K, Na, and Mg.

Gleb also gained valuable experience interning in the science department of the US startup Proteomica. There, he collaborated with MIT scientists on longevity research and the latest advancements in proteome science.

  1. Elad Katz is BS.c. in Computer Science who started his career as an engineer. Then he got into product management, having developed the first all-day wearable experience for Nike Fuelband. He also led the creation of the Noom Coaching program for pre-diabetics and reduced expenses on coaches by 55%. Additionally, as a personal project, he developed the NYC Metro system app, which gained viral traction and garnered hundreds of thousands of downloads.

About Company

Aspect - a service for women’s metabolic health with an initial focus on PCOS, a syndrome that impacts 1 in 10 women in the US. At $200K ARR, their fourth-month retention is 70% and they started seeing the first signs of virality, with 20% of clients inviting a friend. One of the investors is the founder of Flo Health - the world's leading app for women's health.

They're raising a $1M seed round with $100K already committed.

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